pressure-washing-service-in-kelownaMildew, dirt, and debris can ruin the surface area of your deck, sidewalk or driveway over time. Bring back the original colors with our premium pressure washing service in Kelowna. Guaranteed you will notice the difference! Our pressure washers go up to 4,000 PSI and we only use non-abrasive and eco friendly chemicals in our cleaning process so as not to harm your lawn or surrounding vegetation. Don’t forget to ask about our concrete driveway sealing service which protects your driveway from the dirt and grim.

Every surface area is unique and the same can be said about the dirt and stains on each individual surface area. When you contact us we gather as much information as we can to make sure we determine the most effective solution to remove the marks on the surface you would like serviced. For example, Rust marks caused by an old faucet on your vinyl siding would require a completely different cleaning solution then algae for example.


moss-removal-service-in-kelownaMoss and algae are a common occurrence on shingle roofs specifically in human and moist areas of minimal sun exposure. If you live in tree heavy neighborhoods around Kelowna and/or have 2-level roofs with one blocking the sun off of the other chances are you can notice small areas of moss developing in or around your roof. Moss removal and treatment is critical for the integrity of your shingles and prolonging their life span. Moss if not treated can grow over time and spread underneath your shingles increasing the chances of mold and moisture reaching the lower layer below the shingles. Our moss treatment involves spraying the affected area with a special solution that is proven to eliminate moss growth. Your roof is then rinsed thoroughly and the moss is removed carefully using non abrasive equipment so as not to damage the integrity of your roof.


Believe it or not, spiders come with the wind. If you live on the west side close to the lake or in Central Kelowna by Pandosy, you will notice a recurring cobweb problem on a yearly basis. We might not be able to defy nature and eliminate them completely, however our cobweb removal package can certainly remove any cobwebs on your window frames, soffits, fascia, door frames, and stucco. Please Note we have many other general services that we also provide depending on the property and the clients needs. That being said, feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or simply curious to see if there is a specific service in kelowna that you might need assistance with and if we can help you!

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