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Professional Gutter Service in Kelowna and the Okanagan

Gutter cleaning is a serious task best left to the professionals. Dirty gutters can result in water overflow and back flow causing leaks inside your home through the attic or the basement, therefore by having your gutters cleaned frequently you will reduce the risk of large expenditures down the road. So what makes our gutter cleaning service different? Our crew of experienced technicians provide a full gutter inspection after cleaning and will advise you of any repairs you might require to keep your gutter system working properly. We offer corner leak repairs, gutter slope adjustments, downspout adjustments and repairs, installing additional downspouts, replacing or adding gutter sections to your home, and much more! Our service technicians use a commercial grade 6.5 HP vacuum to clean out your gutters leaving no mess or debris behind. We simply pull all the muck, leaves, pine needles, sand etc.,out of your gutters and roof valleys, and into a secure container. Unlike our competitors, we do not flush debris into your drainage.


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We don’t just stop there. Once we’ve successfully removed all the debris and dirt from your gutters, we then rinse your downspouts and corners to ensure your drainage is working properly and that all your corner seals are in good working order. Any clogged downspouts will be unclogged and any weathered seals will be replaced with new sealant that will prevent any future leaks. Please note any downspout or seal repairs that might be required are treated as an add-on to our original gutter service price, which includes the testing and basic diagnosis only. And for presentation, Gutters may appear dirty on the outside of the Fascia. As an add-on service, we can safely clean the outside gutter faces without risk of damage to your home. We use a water brush, special scratch free scrubby, and special detergents to wipe away that mildew grime. This can have a huge impact on the appearance of your home! Some of the advantages of hiring Pureways for your gutter removal and installation in Kelowna is the Workmanship and Material warranty. See when it comes to your roof gutters in Kelowna it is important to have a reliable and trustworthy contractor who will attend to your request and offer the right solution for your needs. For example, many company’s that offer gutter installation in Kelowna only offer gutter installation while we offer repairs as well as gutter cleaning in kelowna which could be a better and more cost effective option for you! As a matter of fact, Roof gutter cleaning is one of the most important tasks to maintain the integrity of your gutters and avoid costs associated with replacement which is why we will always give you an honest an accurate assessment to what will best suit your house needs.



As we know the weather in Kelowna gets wet a specific times in the year and with all that rainfall it is important to have your eavestroughs clean. Eavestroughs redirect all the water from your roof into a drainage system and away from your foundation. When the gutters are clogged, the additional water weight causes the eavestroughs to separate from the roof. If you notice any type of overflow or separation it is important that you contact a professional immediately to avoid any water damage in your foundation. Additionally, Having Clogged gutters could cause water damage to your roof! When the water ices over in your gutters and on your roof, in blocks the passage way for the water to drain causing leaks in your roof. Eavestrough repairs are critical for the overall wellbeing of your roof and foundation, don’t let damages escalate! Our specialized technicians will help with your eavestrough cleaning in kelowna. If you are noticing drips that continue on even after a few days of no rain, it means that your downspouts are clogged and your seals are weathered. Don’t be alarmed, it is very common for the gutter seals to weather every 5 to 7 years with our weather in kelowna. At Pureways, we use the best products on the market to repair eavestrough leaks. Our eavestrough repairs service in kelowna is guaranteed, which means no matter what the weather in kelowna is like you can rest assured that your gutters will be fully covered under our service protection plan!



Ever wondered what the black streaks are on the exterior of your gutters in kelowna? They are actually an accumulation of mildew streaks and dirt marks. Please note we do not pressure wash the exterior of your gutters! We use a disinfecting solution to dissolve the mildew and completely bring back to true shine and colour of the exterior of your gutters
We guarantee our work to be the highest quality in professionalism, quality and customer satisfaction. We encourage our clients to inspect our work before we leave to be sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. We need to maintain our high standards of Pureways Window Cleaning. We want you to have us back again, year after year. We also want to impress you to the point that you want to brag about us to your friends, family and neighbours. That’s how we have always grown our business, attitude and attention to detail.

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