IMPORTANCE OF GETTING YOUR GUTTERS CLEANED. Eavestroughs redirect all the water from your roof into a drainage system and away from your foundation. Dirty gutters can result in water overflow and back flow causing leaks inside your home through the attic or the basement. By having your gutters cleaned frequently you reduce the risk of water damage and large expenditures down the road.

INSPECTION AND REPAIRS. One of the many features that make our gutter cleaning service superior is our complimentary  gutter inspection. During the cleaning, our crew of experienced technicians look for any visible deficiencies and advise you if any  repairs are required to keep your gutter system working perfectly. We offer a wide variety of repairs including corner leaks, gutter slope adjustments, downspout installations, gutter installation, and much more.


PROFESSIONAL GUTTER CLEANING SERVICE IN KELOWNA. Gutter cleaning is a serious task best left to the professionals. Our service technicians use a commercial grade 6.5 HP vacuum to clean out your gutters leaving no mess or debris behind. We simply pull all the muck, leaves, pine needles, sand out of your gutters and into a secure container. Unlike our competitors, we do not flush debris into your drainage.

CLOGGED DOWNSPOUTS AND CORNER LEAKS. If you are noticing water over flow or drips that continue on after a few days of no rain, it means that your downspouts are clogged, you might require a slope adjustment, and your seals are weathered. At Pureways, we use the best gutter sealant product on the market to repair eavestrough leaks. Please note any downspout or seal repairs that might be required are treated as an add-on to our original gutter service price, which includes the testing and basic diagnosis only.

LEAF GUTTER GUARDS AND GUTTER PROTECTION. If you are looking for a more long term maintenance free option, leaf guards is the way to go. However, there are many different leaf guard products on the market and not all products work the same. Our gutter leaf guards protect gutters from pine needles, fir and maple leafs. Learn more about our Leaf Guard add-on service.

EXTERIOR GUTTER POLISHING. Dirt and mildew will cause black streaks to develop on the exterior of the gutters over time. As an add-on service, we can safely clean the outside of your gutters without any pressure washing. Pressure washing causes water to seep into the overhangs which results in mould growth and wood rot over time. Instead, We use a disinfecting solution to dissolve the mildew, brush the gutters then wipe them down clean. Bring back the shine to your gutters with our gutter polishing service!

WHAT IF MY EAVESTROUGHS ARE OLD AND NEED REPLACING. If your gutters are old or damaged beyond repair, we have you covered. Some of the advantages of hiring Pureways for your Gutter Replacement in Kelowna is our workmanship and material warranty which is 20 years with absolutely no restrictions. We also guarantee our work to be the highest quality in professionalism, quality and customer satisfaction. Visit our Gutter Replacement Page.