So besides the look, what exactly is the difference between fascia gutters, 5 inch k style roof gutters, and half round house gutters?

With the building material industry continuously evolving and offering new designs and a wide variety of options for homeowners, It has never been more difficult to pick between all these many options and maintain a balance between functionality and presentation.

The three most common gutter profiles you will find on the market today specifically on the island would be facia gutters, 5 inch K style gutters, and half round. These roof gutter profiles are offered not only in Victoria but also in Langford, Naniamo, Sooke, Duncan, Saanich, Shawnigan, Mill Bay, and Brentwood Bay. Our goal in this post is to provide you with a general overview on the differences between those three profiles and hopefully assist you into making an informative decision on your next gutter replacement project and selecting the right colour installation contractor for your home.

Fascia Gutters: Although the facia roof gutter is one of them more modern gutters on the market, it has increasingly grown a bad reputation due to its lack of durability and base size. Facia gutters will come in a variety of profiles such as Type A, Type C, 2 Step etc..