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As you may have noticed from visiting our home page, we now offer soffit installation in Kelowna. It was never something we though we would get into given how busy our season is with eavestroughing and eavestrough installations however when our customers make legitimate requests we have to answer. That was approximately 6 years ago, we have since hired and trained experienced soffit contractors that are proficient in installing both vented soffit and unvented soffits.

Most the soffit we install is aluminum which is considered by many as an upgrade from the old school wood soffit that you find on most older homes build in the 70’s or earlier. The main problems with wood soffit are that it does not provide sufficient venting to the roof overhangs and it is susceptible to moisture (moisture absorbent). For that reason, you notice a lot of wood soffit develop mould or rot over time which is why we always recommend aluminum soffit over wood soffit unless you are going with a durable and water treated wood soffit. We recommend consulting with one of our expert soffit installers prior to replacing your soffit to make sure you are making the best choice for your home!



Premium gutter installation service and soffits! Our services and workmanship makes us one of the leading service providers in Kelowna and the Okanagan. Learn more about our professional workmanship and warranty! If your gutters are over 25 years of age and you are starting notice issues, then you are due for a gutter system replacement! Some of the many benefits of replacing your gutters instead of repairing the issues is the 15 warranty you receive with every new gutter system we install. Why waste hundreds of dollars every year on repairs and maintenance when you can upgrade your gutter system and not have to worry about any leaks, gutters detaching from the house, and water overflow leaking into your foundation!

Benefits of Upgrading to Vented Aluminum Soffits 

Upgrading your soffits on the other hand will provide better ventilation from a functionality stand point. Old wood soffits are not designed to provide suitable air circulation in your roof over hangs which results in humidity entrapment and lack of energy efficiency during hot kelowna summers! For that reason we always recommend replacing existing wood soffit with aluminum vented soffits.

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