WHY IS MOSS HARMFUL FOR YOUR ROOF. The green surface of the moss acts like a sponge soaking in moisture underneath the shingles and feed of the lime stone composite of shingles. Over time, that causes the shingles to deteriorate and curl reducing the life span off your roof!

WHAT CAUSES THE ROOF MOSS TO GROW. Moss is a green organism that develops in humid environments on just about any surface due to a lack of sun exposure starting on the north facing sides and spreading to other areas. Moss feeds off the limestone composite of your asphalt shingles, micro organisms, and organic compounds from leaves and pine needs dropping on the roof.


WHAT IS THE BEST SOLUTION. Depending on the type of your roof material, each requires a specific product and procedure to ensure the moss is addressed properly and without causing any damage to your roof. For example, a surface low ph soft wash solution would not be suitable for asphalt shingles at it causes premature curling due to the acidity. Similarly, without a protective acrylic base you would not achieve long term moss prevention. For that reason it is important to consult with a roof expert.

CEDAR SHAKE ROOFS. Cedar shakes are notorious for their ability to absorb moisture and develop mold, algae, and moss. Additionally, cedar shakes require regular regular rejuvenation to prevent premature chipping and curling of the shakes. Cedar shake roof treatment is recommended every 10 – 12 years for cedar shake roofs. With proper maintenance cedar shakes can last over 50 years.


DON’T PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF. Pressure washing your roof will wash away the surface of the shingles which acts as a protective layer shielding the shingle composite from sun exposure. Additionally, all that excess moisture being forced in between the shingles will fuel moss growth specially if the moss was not previously treated.

DON’T BRUSH YOUR ASPHALT ROOF. Wire brushing the moss off your roof will remove the surface granules and causes adverse results leaving your shingles in much worse condition. Additionally, the moss roots grow from underneath the shingles so it’s a completely ineffective.

DON’T WASTE MONEY ON THE WRONG PRODUCTS. Depending if your roof is Clay Tile, Concrete Tile, Asphalt, Cedar, etc. Each roof material requires a specific approach which is why an all-for -one approach doesn’t work.


ROOF CLEANING SERVICES AND SAFETY MEASURES. Pureways is proud to be compliant with WorksafeBC regulations with no reported incidents no date. We use a special roof pumping rig to complete the demossing from safely without having to walk all over your roof. Additionally, All of our technicians are Fall Arrest Certified and are highly experienced in roof access and working at elevated heights. Their experience and awareness on roofs will give you the peace of mind that the service will be completed safely and with no accidents.

WHY USE US. At Pureways we specialize in protective roof coating treatment and moss removal. With over 1000 roofs serviced every year, you can rest assured our dedicated team of expert advisors will provide you with the most effective recommendation and treatment.


When you request a quote, we contact you to go over all the details and then provide you with a complete service overview of our cleaning process and provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed decision regardless of who you end up choosing for your service. THERE ARE TWO THINGS WE PROMISE YOU, HONESTY AND HARD WORK. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.