DID YOU KNOW THAT MOSS CAN CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE TO YOUR ROOF? Mostly common on the north side of your roof; due to lack of sun exposure, Moss is a plant that grows naturally in humid environments on just about any surface but most noticeably on roofs and concrete. When it comes to your roof, it’s is important to address any noticeable moss growth in between the shingles immediately before the shingles stat to lift up and curl. The green surface or the moss acts like a sponge collecting moisture and seeping it underneath the shingles which results in the saturation of your roof sheathing over time and eventually causing the wood to rot and resulting in leaks. Not only that, moss fibres can easily spread from one section of the roof to another as it feeds off lime stone composite of asphalt shingles. Take a walk around your property and inspect the north side of your roofs, if you notice any green pillow formation on the north side of your roof simply contact us and we would be more then happy to answer any questions you may have regarding proper treatment methods!



Cedar shakes are notorious for their ability to absorb moisture and develop mold, algae, and moss problems, specifically in shaded areas. At Pureways we use a citric based solution that contains a herbicide, an algaecide, as well as a special oil that helps rehydrate the shingles. The process is combined with soft wash cleaning and it is recommended once every 8 to 10 years. Unlike asphalt shingles, Cedar shakes are safe to brush and wash so as long as they are treated properly in the process. Some contractors also recommend installing Zinc Strips. Although Zinc Strips provide a budget friendly roof treatment solution, unfortunately can only prevent moss growth a couple of feet from where the zinc was installed and you will notice moss and algae on the rest of the roof.

We guarantee our work to be the highest quality in professionalism, quality and customer satisfaction. We encourage our clients to inspect our work before we leave to be sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. We need to maintain our high standards of Pureways Services in Kelowna. We want you to have us back again, year after year. We also want to impress you to the point that you want to brag about us to your friends, family and neighbours. That’s how we have always grown our business, attitude and attention to detail.


As with any service that requires roof access, our first priority when providing our roof cleaning service is safety. Depending on the roof pitch, we would determine if the pitch is safe and compliant with WorksafeBC regulations to allow us to walk on the roof. If not, we use specialized equipment such as carbon fibre poles to reach and spray the upper sections from a ladder. All of our workers are equipped with the safety gear required by WorksafeBC to ensure we service your home without taking any risks with our crew members and avoiding any incidents that might occur. We use 5 point harnesses, life line assembly, lanyard, fall arrest extension, and heavy duty rated reusable anchors to ensure you tie off and walk safely on any pitched roof.

Nevertheless, in the rare occasion that we cannot safely access a roof section, all our technicians are licensed boom lift operators and we have heavy equipment readily available for hard to reach and inaccessible areas! Our team is highly experienced in roof cleaning and we service over 500 roofs every year. Their experience and awareness on roofs will give you the peace of mind that the service will be efficient, effective, and 100% Guaranteed.



DO NOT PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF. Pressuring washing your roof will wash away the surface of the shingles which acts as a protective layer shielding the shingle composite from sun exposure. Additionally, all that excess moisture being forced in between the shingles will fuel moss growth specially if the moss was not previously treated.

DO NOT WIRE BRUSH YOUR ROOF. Many less experienced contractors would use a wire brush to remove the moss off your roof which leaves your shingles in much worse condition removing the surface grains and reducing the lifespan of your shingles. Additionally, some contractors will jump straight into brushing which only removes the surface area leaving the roots of the moss to grow again from underneath the shingles which is the origin of the moss growth as that is where moisture is trapped. Think of trying to pull a live weed from your lawn compared to pulling a dead one, the dead weed will easy pul out as the roots have less hold, same applies to roof moss which is why we always do treatment first to kill the moss. Most of the moss will wash off within 10 – 12 weeks on its own without any unnecessary contact with the roof shingles.

DO NOT CHEMICAL TREAT YOUR ROOF WITH THE WRONG PRODUCTS. There are many products to treat moss in and around your lawn however when it comes to your roof, it is important to use the proper measurements for your solution depending on the type of roof to make sure your shingles don’t dry out and wrinkle up and your cedar shakes don’t get discoloured and chip. The main purpose for using chemical compounds is to change the pH levels of the roof environment to either basic or acidic. While both kill moss, an acidic formula for example would dry out the shingles and cause them to wrinkle as opposed to a base formula.




At Pureways property maintenance services in Kelowna, we take precautionary measures and use non-abrasive tools and compounds to make sure apply the proper treatment and remove it in the least abrasive method. Although our signature treatment process remains a trade secret, what we can tell you is that treating your roof and eliminating moss is a process that requires the proper blend of products, patience, and time to be done properly.

To explain, shingle roofs are very sensitive to moisture. That is why sometime around the half-life of your roof and specifically in shaded areas, you start noticing moss and algae growth. Many home-owners make the mistake of pressure washing the surface which can have adverse effects. The excess water exposure actually does more harm than good and will cause more moss growth in the long run making it more difficult to get rid of the moss. Furthermore, using a push broom with stiff bristles can remove a substantial amount of the coarse surface grid which protects the asphalt and fibre glass material. For example, many companies that offer moss removal services will jump straight into brushing your roof which causes more harm then good. Not to mention without actually treating the moss with the appropriate solution, the moss will regrow in the same area.

At Pureways, we use a completely different approach when it comes to moss removal and roof treatment on shingle roofs. It is important to understand that just like it took years for the moss to develop on your roof, attempting to remove it using a quick fix method will not work and the process takes time and patience to remove the moss correctly without harming the integrity of your shingle roof.


When you request a quote, we contact you to go over all the details and then provide you with a complete service overview of our cleaning process and provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed decision regardless of who you end up choosing for your service. THERE ARE TWO THINGS WE PROMISE YOU, HONESTY AND HARD WORK

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.