There are many benefits to getting your windows cleaned such as the enjoying the crystal clear view from your windows, removing dust and debris buildup from your window sills, and brightening up your window frames. Additionally, if your glass windows are not regularly maintained, the microscopic glass pores fill up and deteriorate over time giving your glass a foggy-like look that would later require more extensive polishing.

Window cleaning Kelowna

However, window cleaning can be time consuming and dangerous task specially if the windows are located on 2nd or 3rd levels and require ladder work. For that reason it is important to consider the risks associated with work performed at high elevations. Your local Pureways window cleaning team is certified and trained to work at heights and ensure all your windows are cleaned streak free. In addition to all the safety precautions that we take, we’ve also eliminated some of the risk associated with constantly using ladders and working on high elevations by investing in the latest technology and equipment that allows us to clean many windows from the ground.

Pureways has been providing window cleaning services in Kelowna since 2010.  Every year we service over 1000 residential homes and around 100 high rise and low rise commercial buildings. Over the years we’ve developed exceptional skills and experience in completing window cleaning jobs properly and professionally. In addition to our experience and skillset, we have been awarded the best window cleaning service in kelowna for 3 consecutive years 2016, 2017, and 2018.


Our cutting edge de-ionization 5 stage water filtration and purification system removes any particles from your tap water and that is the water we use when we clean your windows! Since we remove the particles from the water, no streaks and spots are left behind. The water is then pumped through a carbon fibre pole and through a non scratch nylon brush which is used to scrub your windows and frames. We then thoroughly rinse the glass leaving behind nothing but a crisp and streak free window. Our Pureways professional window cleaning poles can extend up to a height of 65 feet.

One thing to keep in mind however is that our pure water system will not work on any Post-Construction windows which require specialized window cleaning in Kelowna. For that reason It is very important to hire a professional when it comes to the final cleaning stages of your newly built home, primarily to avoid any scratches or cracks in your glass.

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