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To explain, shingle roofs are very sensitive to moisture. That is why sometime around the half-life of your roof and specifically in shaded areas, you start noticing moss and algae growth. Many home-owners make the mistake of pressure washing the surface which can have adverse effects. The excess water exposure actually does more harm than good and will cause more moss growth in the long run making it more difficult to get rid of the moss. Furthermore, using a push broom with stiff bristles can remove a substantial amount of the coarse surface grid which protects the asphalt and fibre glass material. For example, many companies that offer moss removal services will jump straight into brushing your roof which causes more harm then good. Not to mention without actually treating the moss with the appropriate solution, the moss will regrow in the same area.

At Pureways, we use a completely different approach when it comes to moss removal and roof treatment on shingle roofs. It is important to understand that just like it took years for the moss to develop on your roof, attempting to remove it using a quick fix method will not work and the process takes time and patience to remove the moss correctly without harming the integrity of your shingle roof.

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning

Roof and moss cleaning Kelowna

Cedar Shake Roofs are notorious for their ability to absorb moisture and develop mold, algae, and moss problems, specifically in shaded areas. At Pureways we use a citric based solution that contains a herbicide, an algaecide, as well as a special oil that helps rehydrate the shingles. The process is combined with soft wash cleaning and it is recommended once every 8 to 10 years. Unlike asphalt shingles, Cedar shakes are safe to brush and wash so as long as they are treated properly in the process. Some contractors also recommend installing Zinc Strips. Although Zinc Strips provide a budget friendly roof treatment solution, unfortunately can only prevent moss growth a couple of feet from where the zinc was installed and you will notice moss and algae on the rest of the roof.

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