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WHAT SERVICES DO WE OFFER. We offer a wide range of exterior construction services including 5″ Continuous Seamless Gutters, Fascia Board Repairs, Aluminum Vented Soffit Installation, Aluminum Fascia Cladding, Leaf Gutter Guards, and much more. Our Kamloops crew operates in the Thompson Cariboo Region servicing Kamloops, Clearwater, Chase, Pritchard, Salmon Arm, Ashcroft, and Logan Lake.

OUR GUTTER REPLACEMENT SERVICE. When it comes to replacing your eavestroughs, there are many different profiles and material to choose from. Some things to consider when selecting the right product for your home is the thickness of the gutter coil gauge you will need, the type of clips, type of screws, size of the downspout drains, etc. If you are not sure which product you need don’t hesitate to ask one of our trusted advisors, you can be certain they will give you the best recommendation for your home.


WOOD SOFFIT REPLACEMENT. More recently, aluminum vented soffits have become more popular due to their functionality and low maintenance requirements, making replacing wood soffits with aluminum a very popular service nowadays. Some of the benefits include better roof ventilation, less ice dam formation in the roof valleys, and less heat entrapment in the hot summer months. All our soffit replacement services are covered by a 15 year material and workmanship warranty

FASCIA BOARD REPAIRS. When we remove your old gutters we inspect your fascia boards and replace any fascia boards that are rotten and deficient. We also recommend our customers explore aluminum fascia cladding to protect the fascia boards from water exposure and moisture to prolong the lifespan of the fascia boards, and provide a cleaner look.



PREMIUM LEAF GUARDS. Prevent clogs from pine needles, fir and maple trees. If you are looking for a maintenance free gutter system, leaf guards is the way to go! Although some products such as the leaf guards you buy from Costco or Canadian Tire might prove to be not very effective, our Alu-Rex Continuous hanger gutter guards are guaranteed to keep your gutters clog and debris free. Additionally, the continuous hanger guards increase your per foot gutter weight load to 100 pounds per foot protecting your gutters from the weight of ice buildup in the winter and snow sliding off your roof.

Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Services

Extend your roof life by up to 10 years



DO YOU HAVE MOSS GROWING ON YOUR ROOF. Get rid of moss on your roof permanently with our moss treatment and soft wash Service in Kamloops! Over the years we’ve developed the most effective moss eliminating formula that kills off the moss without causing any harm or damage to your shingle roof. Our moss treatment service in Kamloops is guaranteed. For cedar shake roofs, we offer a product that kills moss and extend the life of your cedar shakes. The formula replenishes the cedar and reduces the chipping and drying out of the cedar as well as bring back the original colour of your cedar shakes.


When you request a quote, we contact you to go over all the details and then provide you with a complete service overview of our cleaning process and provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed decision regardless of who you end up choosing for your service. THERE ARE TWO THINGS WE PROMISE YOU, HONESTY AND HARD WORK

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