Gutter Installation, Fascia and Soffit Installation on Victoria Island

Aluminum Gutters, Fascia, and Soffit

Gutters, Aluminum Fascia and Soffit Installation in Victoria and Langford


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Pureways Gutters, Fascia, and Soffit Installation offers a wide variety of exterior styles to suite any home. Whether its a modern style new build or a renovations project that you've been working on, our team is readily available to provide you with the trendiest styles and products on the market.



In Canada and North America, Aluminum fascia is a product commonly used to cover your fascia board for a better curb appeal as well as protect your wood fascia from the rain and moisture. In most cases, gutter installation and fascia installation go hand in hand and are usually colour matched. The gutter, soffit, and fascia products that we offer on the Island (Langford, Sydney, Victoria) offer you a wide variety of colours, material, and sizes to suite any home!



We install soffits in Victoria to cover the roof overhang for both aesthetic and protective reasons. The aluminum soffit covers the exposed rafter beams on the exterior of your home as well as prevent birds and rodents from nesting in those areas. However, instead of completely closing the roof overhang which would cause moisture entrapment, soffits are offered in vented profiles to allow for proper roof ventilation. We use only the highest grade aluminum soffit in all of our installations to compliment


Pureways Seamless Eavestrough and Leaf Guard Installation

Langford, BC

We guarantee our work to be the highest quality in professionalism, quality and customer satisfaction. We encourage our clients to inspect our work before we leave to be sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. We need to maintain our high standards of Pureways Property Services. We want you to have us back again, year after year. We also want to impress you to the point that you want to brag about us to your friends, family and neighbours. That’s how we have always grown our business, attitude and attention to detail.

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