5″ CONTINUOUS GUTTER INSTALLATION. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing gutters or have a new construction project, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of seamless gutter replacement and installation options backed by the most competitive warranty the industry has to offer; 20 years with no restrictions!


WHY REPLACE YOUR GUTTERS. If your gutters are over 25 years old and you are starting notice issues, then you are due for a gutter replacement. In some cases we can repair and service gutters in general as a more cost effective approach, however why waste hundreds of dollars every year on repairs and maintenance when you can upgrade your gutters all together and avoid leaks, sagging, and water issues for good.


DO YOU HAVE ROTTING FASCIA BOARDS. Due to moisture exposure and weathering, paint tends to chip off the fascia boards over time and in moisture heavy areas; such as inside corners, the wood eventually rots. For that reason we recommend getting your fascia boards repaired before the new gutters are installed to secure the gutters and avoid future problems.

WHAT ABOUT ALUMINUM FASCIA. Once the old gutters are off and the fascia boards are repaired, it is time to improve the curb appeal of your home by covering your fascia with aluminum wrap. Aluminum fascia protects your boards weathering, deterioration, and the hassle of having to paint your boards on a regular basis.


WHAT ABOUT LEAF GUTTER GUARDS. Looking for a more long term maintenance free gutter system? Our Alu-Rex gutter guards prevent debris from going into the gutters and provide additional support for weight load support. To learn more about our leading gutter guard brand which is a video.


ROOF CLEANING AND MOSS REMOVAL SERVICES. Interested in learning more about how you can prevent pre-mature roof deterioration and prolong the lifespan of your roof? Ask about our roof demossing and protective roof coating treatment!



DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN EXTEND YOUR ROOF LIFE. Get rid of moss on your roof permanently with our moss treatment and soft wash Service! Over the years we’ve developed the most effective moss eliminating formula that kills off the moss without causing any harm or damage to your shingle roof. For cedar shake roofs, we offer a product that kills moss and extend the life of your cedar shakes. The formula replenishes the cedar and reduces the chipping and drying out of the cedar as well as bring back the original colour of your cedar shakes. Backed by our 5 Year Moss Free Roof Warranty and Money Back Guarantee Program.

AT PUREWAYS WE ONLY DO THINGS 100%. When you request a quote, we contact you to go over all the details and then provide you with a complete service overview of our cleaning process and provide you with all the information you need to make a well informed decision regardless of who you end up choosing for your service. THERE ARE TWO THINGS WE PROMISE YOU, HONESTY AND HARD WORK. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.