It’s essential that you protect your biggest investment with professional gutter cleaning in Kelowna. Rain and weather cam damage your home and cause problems that will eventually cost a lot more than the cost of maintaining your gutters. That’s because when gutters are clogged, their effectiveness is greatly reduced. A small problem can quickly turn into a catastrophe, such as wood rot, eroded foundations and more.

The solution is simple- call Pureways for an expert gutter cleaning in Kelowna at 250-808-3128 and their pros will be out in no time to clean out your gutters with their cutting-edge service that is affordable and effective. Many homeowners are not aware that gutter cleaning is a task best left to experts, until they attempt to do the job alone and find that it really is a much bigger task than they imagined. Don’t waste valuable time, call Pureways immediately.

The old-fashioned method of cleaning gutter with a scoop, ladders and buckets is one of the least effective ways you can clean your gutters. Professional gutter cleaning from Pureways in Kelowna is by far, much more economical and efficient. Their gutter cleaning technicians use a commercial-grade 6.5 HP vacuum that cleans out gutters and leaves absolutely no mess of debris behind, so all you have are clean gutters that work great.

You’ll never have to worry about Pureways flushing debris into your drainage- that’s not how they work. They simply pull all of the leaves, much, pine-straw, sand and other material out of your gutters and roof’s valleys, deposit it into a secure container and leave your home and landscape looking pristine.

There are several obvious benefits to having your gutters professionally cleaned from season to season. A few of these include:

– The main benefit of annual gutter cleaning is that rain water and melted precipitation can be managed through your gutter system and quickly directed away from your home, to a safe location where it will not do any damage to your roof or exterior surfaces of your home. Properly cleaned gutters do this job very efficiently.

– A leaky roof that has water damage can quickly become a haven for mold and mildew, two risky problems when it comes to the health of your family. Cleaning your home’s gutters is a great way to protect the air quality of your home.

– As a means of protecting what is probably your biggest investment, the often under-valued gutter system of your home actually does a lot of hard work through the seasons. Extend the lifespan of your roof and the exterior surfaces of your home, such as its siding, and foundation, by making sure a professional comes in annually and maintains your gutters.

For exceptional gutter cleaning in Kelowna at unbeatable prices, call Pureways at 250-808-3128 and let the experts come in and handle the job. Feel free to visit their website at, where you can request a free quote, learn more about the services they provide, and discover why other locals appreciate the work they do within the community.

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