In an environment like the Okanagan, where the weather varies between seasons, window cleaning in Kelowna is a tough job. Fingerprints on the inside of windows is tough enough. Oil, dirt and weather can wreak havoc on exterior windows all year long. Hotels and other commercial buildings need their windows clean to impress their clients. Clean windows let precious natural light in to brighten up any home. The scale differs, but commercial window cleaning in Kelowna is just as tough as residential window cleaning in Kelowna.


Dirt and grime build up on a window. It takes time, but before you know it, you might have to replace the window because of damage. This is why a lot of people choose to hire professional window cleaners for their homes or offices. But how do you choose the right window cleaners for your job? Here’s what you should consider before you hire professional window cleaners in Kelowna.


Positive Reviews


You’ll get plenty of results when you search for “window cleaning West Kelowna,” or “window cleaning Lake County.” Window cleaners in the Okanagan are not all the same. Nowadays, customers can turn to social media and other sites that review services like professional window cleaners. Do your homework and research window cleaning companies. Take a look at their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


What do their clients say about them? How do they conduct themselves on social media?

Window cleaning can be an expensive service so you want to make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth when you hire professionals. Read their reviews on Yelp or Google and see what others say about the quality of their work.




Not everyone is on social media, but that’s ok. You can ask for references about the company’s past work. They should be jumping to provide names and contact information of happy clients. If not, then that’s a big red flag you can’t ignore.


While checking for references, be sure to ask for clients who asked for similar work. If you want your home’s windows cleaned, make sure you get a reference from a home owner. It makes no sense for a homeowner to talk to a hotel manager about the cleaning completed in their hotel. The jobs are not the same.


Insurance and Safety Precautions


Be sure that the company you intend to hire is insured. It’s unlikely with professionals, but

accidents happen. Professional window cleaners are human and it’s possible damage could occur on your property. They can also get injured so it’s best to hire a company with insurance. Insurance also tells you that the company you’re talking to is serious about their business.

Window cleaning in Kelowna has its hazards so ask about the company’s safety practices and the training that cleaners complete for their company.


Find a Company That Suits Your Needs


Describe the type of windows in your building. Ask about their methods and equipment. The best window cleaning company will have the right tools, equipment and method for your windows.


Before you sign a contract to begin work, make sure that you and the window cleaning company understand and agree to all provisions. If there are special needs specific to your home or building, make sure the company knows about it and can meet that need.

Read the contract over and don’t be afraid to ask any questions.


Get a Free Quote


Now that you know how to find window cleaners, it’s time to start collecting some free quotes. Talk to a few companies and find out about their practices and how they can please your window cleaning needs. Price isn’t everything, but take into consideration what we talked about here and you’ll get the best service.


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