If you’re looking for professional window cleaners in the Kelowna area, consider Pure Ways. Their experts offer residential and commercial window cleaning services that are done right.

Let’s face it, window cleaning is a time-consuming, difficult and dangerous task. It often involves climbing ladders, working from high elevations and making sure it all comes together, even over uneven terrain. Do you really want to take the risks and still end up with less than professional results? Let the Pure Ways team safely and efficiently handle the job for you.

Water spots and streaks are the two main problems window cleaners face. In Kelowna, the PH balance of the water is sometimes less than ideal. Pure Ways uses a cutting-edge de-ionization, pure water filtration system to bring your tap water down to 000 PPM from what is typically  150 PPM locally, eliminating the spots and streaks that are left behind once water evaporates and solids are apparent.

Pure Ways’ window cleaners in Kelowna have also removed the risk from ladders and scaffolding with their state of the art water-fed carbon fibre pole. Along with the Nylex Polyfibre brush, their state of the art system will scrub your window frames and windows with exceptional thoroughness, then rinse them, leaving nothing behind but a beautiful, streak-free sheet of glass. Their water-fed pole can reach up to 65 feet!

Consider the benefits of hiring the professionals from Pure Ways:

– Matchless results. A roll of paper towels and Windex is not going to take care of the job, unfortunately. It takes a lot more than just a willing employee who will go through the motions. Professional results can only be obtained through hiring a professional company that owns the equipment and has the expertise to provide beautiful results.

– Safety first. Consider the safety of your employees and eliminate the risks involved. Pure Ways offers the safest and most effective window cleaning in Kelowna!

– Your bottom line. Everything meets at the crossroads of your budget, and window cleaning is no exception. Spending time, effort and money paying someone who is not equipped to do the job is only going to cost more in the end. Hire Pure Ways and you’ll save money. Why not give them a call today at 250-808-3128 to find out more about their budget-friendly services that include both commercial and residential window cleaning?

– Stress-free results. Many businesses deal with the ongoing issue of finding the right company to clean their windows. Month after month and often year after year, they try out a certain company only to find the results aren’t what they were expecting, so they try out another, with the same results. If you’ve been dealing with a similar problem with your business’ windows, call Pure Ways.

Hire the professional window cleaners in Kelowna who know what they’re doing and will go to great lengths to ensure your windows are spotless and clean. Call Pure Ways at 250-808-3128 and you’ll forget you ever had a window problem.

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