So winter is now over and your are now looking for a professional pressure washing company to do some washing around your home. Wondering what pressure washing services you can request? Here we will break down the different types if pressure washing services (also known as power washing) and provide you with a list of services as well as what to expect when shopping around for a pressure washing service

House washing services

Depending on the material of the exterior of the house, there is a different approach for pressure washing each of those surfaces. For example, with houses that have vinyl siding the first step is to spray a solution that will loosen up the dirt and dissolve the mould, mildew, and algae stain before rinsing the vinyl siding. On most houses that we’ve dine pressure washing in here in kelowna, the siding is usually very sensitive and can easily be damaged so for that reason once the solution is applied we simply rinse iff the siding with a wide nozzle pressure washer. Similarly, houses that have stucco require a detergent in the pressure washer itself as dirt does bit rinse off with just water and tends to stick on the exterior if the house. Important to remember whenever you have your home pressure washed you will need to have your windows professionally cleaned to remove any hard water marks.


Building Pressure

Similar to house Pressure washing except with buildings a man lift and certified technicians are required to complete the wash. One technician operates the lift while another pressure washes the exterior. Grounds personal are required for public safety and keeping moving equipment around


Pressure washing driveway and sidewalk

For driveways specifically concrete we usually use just water and detergent applied with a narrow nozzle which improves the pressure and removes any staining. However in some cases driveways are sealed improperly and the stain marks are underneath the sealant which means the pressure washing will not do the trick. We’ve come across many driveways while doing our pressure washing service in kelowna and the Okanagan and notice the foggy like white spots and in those cases the driveway would require stripping and resealing a service we do not currently offer.

Roof cleaning pressure washing in Kelowna

The only two surfaces we Pressure wash when it comes to roofs in kelowna are concrete tile and clay tile roofs. Pressure washing shingles and cedar shakes is not recommend as the power from the water pressure will damage the shingles and leave a complete mess behind. Additionally, with roof pressure washing it is important to hire fall arrest certified and experienced technicians to ensure they have the proper safety equipment and PPE. This will minimize the risk of any accidents

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