Shopping for a window cleaning service in Kelowna? Here are some tips!

With over 50 + window cleaning and gutter cleaning companies in Kelowna, hiring the right window cleaners or maintenance service technicians can be quite the process. For that reason we have put together these quick tips that could help you make the right choice. First of all, it is important to mention that while there are 50+ window cleaning companies that offer cleaning services, there is only a hand full of companies that are actually local and live in Kelowna year round. Many window cleaning companies in Vancouver, Edmonton, and other major cities send a crew and some a service truck to Kelowna and the Okanagan during the summer months to capitalize on the season and make hay while the sun shines! Although those companies could very well provide you with good results, the odds of establishing a longterm relationship as a client are slim compared to supporting local business and hiring a local company to do the work. Not only are we locally owned and operated, we also value our costumers and we work very hard to develop a longterm relationship with each and every single costumer. An easy way to identify a locally owned and operated window cleaning company is by their contact information and whether they operated on a seasonal or year round basis in Kelowna.

Another thing to check out is your service technicians website, number of online reviews, and social media content on instagram. Before hiring the right window cleaners, do some research and read some of the costumer reviews to make sure the company you hire follows professional service procedures such as using safety gear, having full insurance coverage, demonstrates proper etiquette, and provides a satisfaction guarantee on the service. The cheapest option is not always the best option for your home. There are many costs that are factored into our pricing when it comes to our services such as professional gear for our staff, eco-friendly vs cheaper abrasive solutions, liability coverage and WorksafeBC fees, costs of professional equipment, etc. A simple example would be using a low grade scrapper to remove hard stains off your glass which would leave your windows and glass scratched beyond repair compared to proper titanium blades that are designed specifically for glass service. Another example is with respect to our moss removal service: a cheaper grade solution that is not eco-friendly could harm the landscape and kill the vegetation.