Commercial window cleaning in Kelowna is best left to experts, just like everywhere else. It’s no secret that high rise window cleaning is a dangerous task; don’t ake risks you don’t have to. Call Pure Ways Window Cleaning at 250-808-3128.

At Pure Ways, they have the knowledge, the equipment and the expertise to get your windows sparkling clean, and they guarantee their work for 14 days. If you ever notice a streak or a smudge that was left behind, one phone call is all it will take to bring their pros back to take care of the issue.

Pure Ways has solved two of the biggest problems that window cleaners face:

1. Water streaks and spots due to solids left behind after water evaporation.  Pure Ways uses a state-of-the-art de-ionization system that brings your tap water’s PH balance down from around 150 PPM  to 000 PPM, so your windows will always look their very best.

2. Their 65 foot water-fed poles reduce the need for ladders and scaffolding. Their carbon fibre pole and Nylex Polyfibre brush are able to scrub your window frames and glass and leave them looking like you’ve never seen them before.

For commercial window cleaning in Kelowna, no other company can offer what Pure Ways can. They also specialize in post-construction window cleaning to maximize the finishing touches to your home.

The use of the water-fed pole allows the Pure Ways team to perform much of their window cleaning without the use of ladders, however, there are times when using them is necessary. Pure Ways uses stand off arms to protect your building and provide their ladders with a wider, safer grip, while ladder levelers allow them to safely use ladders on uneven surfaces. For your complete protection, full insurance and liability cover you for up to $5 million.

When you hire Pure Ways for your commercial window cleaning in Kelowna, their experts will begin by washing your window frames. While other companies will typically just wipe down the frame, Pure Ways will scrub them using their water-fed pole and brush to remove all the dirt in your frame. This keeps your windows clean longer, since the dirt will not trickle down after a rainfall. On the completion of your frames the glass will be addressed depending on the type, either by scrubbing with the Nylex Polyfibre brush or hand washing with a scrubby, squeegee, and lint-free micro fiber cloth to achieve the perfect finish every time.

For interiors, Pure Ways will move furniture if necessary and place towels throughout their work area to safeguard your office. No harsh chemicals are ever used on your surfaces. After your windows have been perfectly cleaned, they will use cloths to wipe down ledges and detail for a flawless result.

Call Pure Ways at 250-808-3128 for a free quote for your commercial window cleaning in Kelowna. You’ll not only love the results you’ll get with Pure Ways, you’ll appreciate their prices.

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