Your windows insulate your home from the weather while allowing natural light shine through. Cleaning windows is a tough job. Window cleaning in Kelowna is even tougher. Heavy snow during the winter and intense heat in the summer means your windows take a beating all year long. Making sure your windows are in tip top shape will keep your home’s heating bill under control while making your home or office bright for the people inside. But window cleaning has its challenges and here are a few:



The weather in the Okanagan makes window cleaning in West Kelowna and the surrounding areas challenging. Window cleaners have to manage unpredictable gusts of wind while washing second storey windows. They also have to endure intense heat and pests when cleaning exterior windows.


Exterior Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning in Kelowna is not the same as cleaning commercial buildings. Homes or town homes are only two or three storeys tall. The first challenge to exterior window cleaning is creating a solution for a building that’s several storeys tall. There are options depending on the height of the building and accessibility. The most common solutions are building scaffolding or using ropes to access the outside of the building.

Rope access window cleaning makes the exterior windows more accessible than other solutions. It’s also efficient. Window cleaners can work quickly and complete many windows in a short period of time. To be effective and efficient, window cleaning companies need to work with building managers to find the best solution.

Using ropes to access exterior windows means no one will have to build scaffolding. Buildings also won’t need extra structures. But rope access window cleaning creates challenges of their own.


Physical and Mental Stress

Cleaning windows inside keeps crews safe from the elements. But window cleaners in Kelowna who clean exterior of windows must handle whatever the weather, birds and bugs throw at them. They also have to deal with the heights required to perform their duties.

Whether you’re window cleaning in West Kelowna or window cleaning in Lake County, your crew has to be highly-skilled and mentally tough. Commercial window cleaning in Kelowna is not for the faint of heart. Professional window cleaners must respect and follow safety measures and regulations. It’s a dangerous job and one false move can mean dire consequences. Window cleaners working on the outside of the building need to focus and work under a stressful situation.


Long-term Commitment

Some buildings are taller than others. You can’t rush window cleaning. Like we mentioned earlier, it can be a dangerous job. Window Cleaners need to follow safety rules to keep themselves as well as the people below them safe at all times. This is part of completing the job well, not just fast.

Pureways Window Cleaning begins by washing the exterior window frames. Our window cleaning professionals scrub the dirt build up using a water-fed pole and brush. This extra step ensures that your windows stay clean longer. Going the extra mile is important to Pureways. To read more about our process read our blog post about our window cleaning in Kelowna.

Time depends on many factors like the size of the building and the number of cleaners who can clean it safely at a time. For example, a building with eighty glass walls can take six window cleaners up to four months to clean. But that’s an extreme example. Talk to Pureways and ask for a free quote.